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Surveillance Camera Equipment 

There are many considerations that go into the design of a camera system. Emergency Network will develop a tailored solution for you and your specific security needs.

Professionally installed surveillance cameras can be an effective deterrent to theft, assault, and vandalism. Emergency Network installs a wide range of surveillance cameras to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, from night vision to vandal-resistant to covert cameras.

Emergency Network can also provide remote view of your video system, off-site storage of video or the use a DVR. Emergency Network is your one source to help monitor your home, employees, customers or possible intruders.


Video Monitoring

Another use for video surveillance is for virtual guard tours.  Perhaps your business has been paying a guard service thousands of dollars a month to check up on your business several times during the night.  We can now do this remotely.  With the proper installation of cameras in key locations, our operators can now log into your camera system as frequently as you like and perform a virtual guard tour of your facility with detailed reports.  Not only can you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but your security is enhanced by more frequent visits, and more discreet visits. Call today to find out if video monitoring is a viable solution for your security needs.


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