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Intelligent Remote Video Monitoring

CheckVideo is a hosted intelligent video surveillance and alarm verification solution that provides critical, real-time video alerts to verify and prioritize alarms, stop crimes in progress, and reduce false alarm fines. It “watches” every camera 24/7 for events of interest and enhances existing security systems.


CheckVideo® enhances your security with real-time event detection, notifying you, security or a monitoring service of incidents for immediate response.

Help prevent crimes in progress with real-time alerts sent to you or the authorities in the event of suspicious activity


“Watch” every surveillance camera, 24/7, for a fraction of the personnel or guard cost

Reduce false alarms, saving money and improving response times

Get instant alerts sent to your smartphone or email when something of interest happens

Enhance your current security system by adding CheckVideo to existing cameras and DVRs, or by using CheckVideo cameras

Keep system costs low with an affordable, cloud-based solution - no installation of servers or software required


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  • Analytics-based alarm verification
  • Secure, web-based video management
  • Local and hosted video storage
  • Integration with leading central station software


For existing systems, convert your cameras to intelligent sensors for video verification of alarms.


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