Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Security and Alarm FAQs

How much does a basic security system cost?

Systems start at $599, which includes equipment, installation, and client training. Don’t be fooled by others who offer low cost or “FREE” alarm systems. Those systems typically have very limited features, are leased proprietary equipment, and/or are installed by a “dealer” who runs your personal credit and immediately sells the contract to a third party.

Does Emergency Network Security Systems sell alarm and security systems or lease them?

Emergency Network Security Systems sells top-of-the-line equipment, which is among the most highly rated security equipment on the market. We offer financing solutions if needed. You will never be surprised by a hidden or misleading contract terms.

What kind of monitoring services are available?

All Emergency Network Security Systems clients have access to their accounts through encrypted web-based services. Upgrade options include radio or internet-secure line signal transmission, arm and disarm reporting, GPS tracking, and many other progressive solutions.

How long does an installation take?

A basic system usually takes three to four hours to install and will be charged to you on an hourly rate basis. Our professional installers complete thorough testing and training to ensure an optimal installation that works correctly from the first day. Be wary of companies that pay third-party subcontractors a flat rate to install systems; this results in a motivation to do installations as quickly as possible, but not necessarily as thoroughly as possible.

Does the installer clean up?

Yes! We often receive compliments on our neat and clean installations.

Will my homeowner’s insurance premium be lower with a security system?

Your insurance provider will be able to tell you if you are eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. However, it has been our experience that homeowners receive up to a 20-percent discount for a monitored security system.

Do you install alarms for homes or businesses?

Both. Emergency Network Security Systems employees have installed thousands of systems for residential and business clients. We are expert at installing everything from basic home systems to very sophisticated, integrated systems for commercial enterprises.

Can Emergency Network Security Systems monitor my existing equipment?

Emergency Network Security Systems installers have a wide range of experience
programming just about every system brand in existence! If we can’t program it, we will make every effort to replace the equipment at an affordable price. However, we recommend that you review any contract that may be in effect with your current provider.

FAQ from Emergency Network Security Systems Alarm Clients

What does my monthly/quarterly payment cover?

This payment covers the monitoring of your alarm system and the costs associated with contacting the emergency call list in the event of an incident.

Why am I being charged for a service call?

You are being charged for a service call for one of two reasons. Your system may be out of the original one-year warranty period, dating from time of installation. Or, we did not install your equipment — we simply began monitoring your existing devices.

What can I expect to be charged if I need a technician to come and service my system?

Our service rate schedule is as follows:
Weekdays 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM: $85.00 per hour
Weekdays: 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM: $125.00 per hour
Weekends and Holidays: $155.00 per hour
There is also a trip charge which ranges between $35 and $50, depending on your location and time of service call.

What should I do if I accidentally set off my alarm?

Call our central station operators at 1-800-932-3822 and let them know that you accidentally set off your system. They will ask for your pass code, which is proof you have the authority to cancel the alarm.

If I live in the city of Colorado Springs, how many false alarms do I get before the Colorado Springs Police Department revokes my permit?

You are allowed three false alarms (although they do charge for the second and third) before they notify Emergency Network Security Systems that your permit has been revoked. To reinstate a revoked permit, the city of Colorado Springs requires that Emergency Network Security Systems perform a service call to re-train you on the system’s operation and check your system. Service call charges apply, per the schedule above.

I live in the county. What is the dispatch policy for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department?

The sheriff’s office will dispatch a deputy, provided a key holder for your residence or business will meet them at the location.

I accidentally pressed one of the panic buttons on my keypad. What should I do?

Panics are automatic dispatch. Call the central station immediately at 1-844-619-1324 with your pass code and inform them of the false alarm. Otherwise expect the authorities to arrive anticipating an emergency situation.

I received an invoice for Armed Guard Response. What is this?

If the police will not dispatch to your location, Emergency Network Security Systems will dispatch an armed guard from Signal 88 Security of Colorado Springs-they have the widest coverage area possible to assist in responding when the police are unable too. These are billed on a time per dispatch time basis but average $50 per call. You may elect to not have this service by notifying Emergency Network Security Systems in writing that you do not want private response. DD Group is not available for all locations.

I am an existing client in Colorado Springs and just received an invoice for Colorado Springs Police Department police permit renewal. What is this about?

This is an ordinance (ORDINANCE 08-129 ALARM LICENSES AND REGISTRATION) from the CSPD, implemented February 2009. All locations with a monitored alarm MUST register and renew the CSPD permit on an annual basis. The renewal date is based on the original online date of the monitored system.

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