Security Monitoring Center

Emergency Network Security Systems offers a world-class, UL-listed central monitoring center that is both IQ certified* and FM approved**. It is supported by a back-up power plant that ensures interruption-free service, 24/7.

The instant your alarm goes off, our security system monitor operators are alerted and swing into action. The computers in the monitoring center immediately detect and define the emergency, pinpoint the location, identify your personal client pass code, and launch emergency procedures. Operators know instantly whether they are dealing with a break-in, a flood, a breach of your property perimeter, or some other trigger event.

If standing orders exist, the operator will call you for pass code-protected verification that the emergency condition exists. If our operators receive an incorrect pass code or no answer at all, they dispatch emergency personnel immediately. The operator will make an additional call to notify an individual you have designated of the emergency response action taken.

Meanwhile, our computers have recorded every significant detail of the emergency event, including date and time, action taken, person notified, and the operator responsible. All phone conversations are recorded and time stamped for your safety and security.

Our monitoring center personnel must meet the highest standards of professionalism. All monitor operators undergo extensive background investigation, personality profile evaluation, and drug testing. Training begins with six weeks of demanding classroom sessions that include mock simulations, mock phone calls, two-way voice demos, industry readings, and other advanced training techniques. Following their successful completion of this rigorous academic course, trainees receive additional weeks of on-the-job training under the supervision of expert personnel. Written tests and performance evaluations are daily occurrences.

*IQ (Installation Quality) is an industry certification awarded only to alarm companies that are proven to have a commitment to providing consumers with high-quality security and safety systems.

**FM (Factory Mutual Laboratories) is a third-party testing and certification service that assures designees have met rigorous loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity and performance.


Types of Monitoring

Emergency Network Security Systems provides a full range of state-of-the-art monitoring services and features. Monitoring is available for just about any type of equipment and we can provide customized responses for a multitude of situations, including:

  • Burglary, fire, and medical alerts
  • Water flow and flood detection
  • Two-way voice communications
  • Temperature alerts
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Access control door alerts
  • AC power loss
  • HVAC shut down
  • Employee open and close reporting
  • Video CCTV remote verification
  • Radio or internet back-up
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