Safety and Security Systems

Burglar Alarms

These custom-designed burglar alarm systems for residential and business clients range from basic to complex integrated commercial installations. All come with a minimum twelve-month warranty on parts 30 days on labor, and are designed by professional consultants. Our goal is to educate our clients and provide easy-to-understand, transparent cost estimates.

  • Neat, clean, professional installations
  • Integrated radio back-up that helps assure the most rapid response possible
  • Custom touch screens that are easy to understand and use

Fire Protection

Certain home and business environments are at higher risk for fire danger. If yours falls into this category, consider a code-compliant fire protection system from Emergency Network Security Systems, with UL-approved monitoring services and engineered drawings. We also offer testing and repair of existing systems, whether installed by us our not.

Camera Surveillance

There are many considerations that go into the design of an effective camera surveillance system. Emergency Network Security Systems will develop a tailored solution for you and your specific security needs. Professionally installed surveillance cameras can be a powerful deterrent to theft, assault, and vandalism. Emergency Network Security Systems installs a wide range of surveillance cameras to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, including night-vision, vandal-resistant, and covert cameras. Emergency Network Security Systems can also provide remote views of your video system, off-site storage of video, and the use a DVR.


Video Monitoring

If you currently pay a guard service hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to conduct foot or motor patrols, a video surveillance system could accomplish this for you remotely at a fraction of the cost. With the proper installation of cameras in key locations, Emergency Network Security Systems operators can log into your camera system as frequently as you like, perform a virtual guard tour of your facility, and provide you with detailed reports. In addition to your financial savings with this type of system, your security is enhanced by more frequent and discreet patrols of your property. All our video monitoring equipment is made by industry-leading manufacturers, including:

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Wireless Video Security

Videofied is a state-of-the-art, completely wireless video security system that Emergency Network Security Systems has chosen to represent to our clients because of its reliability and advanced capabilities. Motion activates the integrated night vision MotionViewer and relays a ten-second video clip to a monitoring station, to your site manager, and/or to you. This assures optimal response time from the authorities as well as a video record of the event that triggered the alarm. Law enforcement treat video-verified alarms as a crime in progress and give priority response to crime-in-progress calls, assuring that your alarm will be handled with the highest level of urgency. Additionally, a video record of the event that triggered the alarm is created which additionally helps optimize law enforcement efficiency.

Popular applications include copper theft prevention, vacant buildings, rooftop AC units, construction sites, and commercial properties. Clients enjoy the convenient features of this equipment that include:

  • Battery-powered operation (no AC required) and a two-year battery life
  • Weather proof from minus 20o F to 140o F
  • Totally wireless operation
  • Video alarm sent on cell network to monitoring station
  • Reduces false-alarm fines

Personal Emergency Response System

Emergencies can happen anywhere in your home – even your yard or driveway. That is why Emergency Network Security Systems opted to become an authorized dealer for the leading-edge, two-way pendant offered by LifeSentry®. This breakthrough technology enables our clients to communicate an emergency message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around the home to get help fast. The cutting-edge, talk-through medical alert system features simple one-button activation and is water-resistant in rain or your shower.

The range of this pendant is vastly superior to most other medical alert devices on the market. It provides full coverage throughout the home (up to 5,000 square feet) and extends up to 100 feet into the yard. This means that you can call for help even if you are not within hearing distance of the base unit. The pendant’s rechargeable batteries last for up to four months in stand-by mode – and there is even a 24-hour emergency power back-up.

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With most medical alert devices, your ability to communicate is limited by the location of the base station in your home: you must be within hearing range of your central station. This means that you may not be able to call for help if you are in a remote part of your home or yard, far from the central station.

LifeSentry® On Call Emergency is much more powerful than most medical alert devices. Its range covers your entire home (up to 5,000 square feet), plus 100 feet into your yard, ensuring that you can call for help from just about anywhere on your property.

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